Alphabet Cards

I am getting some inspirations from alphabet cards for my projects I’m working on and so I started looking around what’s out there and here are some images I can definitely take something out of.

These are not exactly alphabet cards, but I love the colors and style.

These are great vintage cards. Simple, cute, and fun. (from nancy cook)

These are collage work – very cool. (from story of my life 2007)

These are very clean and elegant. (from lucky olive)

I love this one! Using photos for alphabet cards would be very cool. (from Coyote Crossing)

8 thoughts on “Alphabet Cards

  1. These are terrific! The first cards you show are actually from an old and very fun French card game called Mille Bornes (which means a thousand miles — the game is all about driving) that I used to play with my family as a kid. (More here:

    Our deck must have been a newer version — not nearly so cool!

  2. Hi Roger-

    oh wow, thank you for the information, I didn’t know about that – sounds like a fun game! Thank you!

  3. What a great post! I had forgotten that I got the Mille Bornes game as a hand-me-down from my cousins back in the 70s. I’ll have to dig it out from the closet at my dad’s house.

    I also found a fun set of 1962 alphabet flash cards at an antiques shop last summer. They’ve got great watercolor illustrations, and someone definitely used them as some also have little handwritten pronunciation notes on them.

    This makes yet another subject I’d like to cover on my blog! Not enough hours in the day…

  4. Hi Jennifer-

    oh wow, I’d love to see them — if you ever talk about them on your blog, please send me the link!!

    Thank you!!

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