Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

I’ve passed by Saint Patrick’s Cathedral many times – it is a stunning cathedral right in the middle of the Mid-town 5th Avenue, no one would miss this architecture – but never been inside before… and this weekend, Randy and I were around in mid-town, decided to go in and wow, it was really beautiful! I felt peace, calm, great energy. It’s been here for more than 150 years!

Cathedral Marquees:

Gorgeous structure, ceiling, stained glasses.

I lit candle…


Some patterns in the cathedral that caught my eye:

Gorgeous entrance door:

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2 thoughts on “Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

  1. My husband and I were in NY for part of our Christmas break last year and we were in awe of this building! You are right, there is just something amazing about something built 150+ years ago to bring glory to God. You know that every detail was not only thought about, but also made with it’s purpose in mind.

  2. Hi Ana-

    What you’ve wrote is absolutely right! Every detail does have purpose and meaning, it is incredible!

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