Orange Beautiful 2009 Calendar

I pre-ordered this 2009 calendar from Orange Beautiful — I love everything about this calendar! I can’t wait to get it!

Lots of nice typography, very well designed, and you can tear them and decorate your favorite month as a print or you can send it as a gift, you can do a lot with it after the month is over.

You can pre-order it here, too!

Pictures are from Orange Beautiful Etsy store.

Note: my last letterpress class was canceled due to my instructor’s sickness. Everyone is getting sick (I was, too), please take a good care of yourself! Next Monday, I’ll have some fun report from my class again!

5 thoughts on “Orange Beautiful 2009 Calendar

  1. Even though I am more of an image/landscape person when it comes to choosing my next calendar the typography of this one creates a landscape of a different kind, I love it.

  2. Hi Maya-

    yeah, they really did a wonderful job using all these different fonts and created something great! I’m glad you like it, too!

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