Off to San Francisco

I am going back to San Francisco this weekend (leaving in 4-5 hours or so!) — oh my god, I am so excited! We’re going to see lots of friends, going to see Haruki Murakami speak, I’m stopping by my old agency and see everyone there, going to many places I love, eat lots of yummy food… I’ll come back with lots of San Francisco coolness and inspirations so please come back again on Wednesday or Thursday next week. (I have to go right back to the agency when I get home late on Tuesday night so) Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

Here are a couple images that I took on my last day in San Francisco back in December 2007. I’ll come back with more so just a glance here…

California Street:

Ferry Building:

and I know exactly what this song means now (hehe):

5 thoughts on “Off to San Francisco

  1. Amy >

    thank you!! I did have a wonderful time!!

    Sarah >

    awww it was AWESOME to see you, Sarah, you looked great and your dress was adorable as usual!! I wished I had more time…

    Samantha >

    Thank you, Samantha, I did take lots of photos and you’ll be seeing them here for sure!!!

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