Brooklyn Bridge

I left my blog on Labor Day…. to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (from Brooklyn to Manhattan) for the first time! Oh my god, it was the coolest bridge experience ever! I’ve walked across Golden Gate Bridge before and yes it was so pretty, but long, windy, cold, grey and a bit scary… (if you are in SF, you know exactly what I’m talking about!) Brooklyn Bridge was shorter than I thought, it was nice and hot out, the Bridge is so special, and it’s the Manhattan view that it just gets me every time. It is simply stunning. I’d love to go back there at night time, I don’t even know how gorgeous that would be!

I took a lot of pictures, and here are some.

Right by the staircase to the Bridge:

Here we go:

Walking lane and Biker’s lane:

s t r o n g:

More waterfalls:

The bridge grid – I love it:

Downtown on the left:

Midtown on the right:

Proud Maia: