Beer Table

It is hot everyday here, I hadn’t had a real summer in 12 years so this is great! (except when it’s oh so humid… gross) Looks like it’s going to be nice for at least a week according to my widgets weather.


Anyway, out of all the things you can think of when it’s hot, even I sometimes think about a cold fresh beer! A few blocks away from our apartment, there is a beer bar called Beer Table – it’s always packed, especially when it’s nice out and we finally got to go last weekend. They have a few daily special draft beers and a list of rare beers from all over the world. Some are really pricey for a beer (I saw $95 beer on the menu!) but it is perfect for a summer night!

I like their logo/sign, actually:




Cute shelf:


Today’s drafts (forgot the names):


Cute package (Japanese Hitachino Beer):