Take Your Time: Olafur Eliasson at MoMA

I’d been wanted to go see this exhibition by Olafur Eliasson entitled “Take Your Time” at MoMa and P.S.1 and I finally did go see it at MoMa. (I couldn’t go to P.S. 1 and it just ended today…)

It was so interesting – the illusion and the lights and everything in between. You think you would be blind after seeing some of the work because it is just so intense (and cool!) to your eyes, but I was surprised that my eyes were just fine right away.

You can see most of the work from its website, but this exhibition was more like “experience” so you have to be there to really “see” and “feel” the work. It was an awesome exhibition!

Yellow room – everything was yellow, everything was monochrome.



There was a big line…


To see this walls of mirrors installation and you see infinity reflection:


This room was foggy and you see lights creating a cube – was so beautiful:




This wall was creating a reflective, kaleidoscopic effect:


I just couldn’t take pictures of every installations, some were just hard to capture, but I enjoyed it very much!

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