Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

I bought a Japan Rail Pass this time and so I can ride any JR trains/buses including Shinkansen for 7 days – I highly recommend buying this pass if you are thinking of traveling to Japan, you can pretty much go anywhere with this pass.

After seeing too many things and lots of friends in Tokyo (I can’t post everything so I’m moving on to next, but I had a blast! in just 2 days!) I went back to my home, Takamatsu, Kagawa with Shinkansen.


Tokyo Station Shikansen platform:



Inside – so clean and seats are big and spacey!


It was a bit cloudy so it’s hard to see, but in the background, you can see the great Mt. Fuji. HUGE!!!



So amazing. I would have to visit Mt. Fuji again soon… next time for sure!

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