Off to Japan…

I am off to my annual Japan trip. Last year when we were there on February, we did a traditional wedding ceremony and that was such an experience. Randy couldn’t come this time — I am so bumped and I will miss him so badly. I will miss Maia, too… and Mallow and Milo the chinchillas… but my mom is turning 60, my friend is getting married and we have a big girls trip to Okinawa for 2 of my engaged best friends so I have to go home. I will be taking lots of pictures and I will try to post my inspirations, Japanese things, places I visit etc. whenever I can!




2 thoughts on “Off to Japan…

  1. Have a great trip. Give your mother my best wishes for a Happy Birthday and hello to th rest of your family. Take lots of pictures. Hope to see you when you get back. I am sure Mia will miss you (and Randy too!) Lots of Love, Janis

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