Stone Street

I kept saying, but it has been so so nice here in NYC. Everyday is unbelievable. In San Francisco, I built the habit to carry around a jacket everyday for the last 10 and a half years… so of course I still carry around a jacket just in case, but I haven’t been wearing it at all. Not even night time! One layer of clothes. That’s it. and feels soo great outside! (I think SF people know why I’m so excited about this) Street gets busier and busier everyday, too. So many restaurants and bars open up in outside and people are eating and drinking outside so much. So lively.

Anyway. Tonight was especially nice and so Randy and I tried to have a bite on Stone Street (this cute street in downtown Manhattan) after work… and ohh my god, the street was packed!!! All the downtown working people come there after work, I guess… but wow.




(we ended up eating at this Italian restaurant near here)

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