One Step Beyond feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff

This was one of the coolest events I’ve ever been to. The American Museum of Natural History is having a monthly event called “One Step Beyond” and this month, it was featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff – I’ve been wanted to see him play for a long time and ohhh my god, he was SICK! I wish someone recorded his whole set… it was so awesome! The place was packed (was a sold out show), the vibe was great, we were surrounded by stars, space, and big ban and even though we couldn’t get to drink anything (you had to be in a line to get drink tickets and then be in a line for the bar and it was just way too many people) we had such a great time! We tried to leave a little earlier to avoid crowds at the end a few times, but the music drove us back to the floor every time we did! It was just impossible to leave.

Also, the ticket included a free museum entry so we’re going back there soon.








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