Puppies in NYC

I never seen puppies in the pet stores in San Francisco. Maybe one from SPCA in Macy’s window during holidays if there was any puppies (mostly, kittens.) Here in NY, there are a bunch of different kinds of puppies in the pet stores. Especially, in West Village area. This Saturday, not knowing Randy was thinking about getting one for me, I took some pictures of the puppies. They are just so adorable! No wonder almost everyone has a dog in NYC. Oh, I guess our landlord said it’s okay to have a dog in the apartment, too! So dog friendly in this city, I hope Maia will have a blast…





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2 thoughts on “Puppies in NYC

  1. so did you get one?? it’s illegal in california to sell puppies or kitties at pet shops. that’s why you didn’t see any here.

  2. It’s illegal?! I didn’t know that!! No wonder I never seen any!! Yeah, we got Daschund puppy! I posted pictures of her, too!

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