Cool Fabric

I came across this cool fabric at Etsy. I was looking for black and white pretty pattern fabric for my office space or living room, but I was just randomly browsing through Etsy, and then, look what I found! This was something that I had in my mind, except the skulls, birds, pigs, insects….. I love it!


7 thoughts on “Cool Fabric

  1. !!! I thought of you, too, when I saw it! I think I’m gonna make a pillow out of it, if not for my shelf… I’ll keep you posted…

  2. I really like this fabric. Was wondering how I could buy some to redo my dining room chairs.

  3. I’m redoing my sewing room and this fabric would be PERFECT for my window shades (raspberry walls, black and white striped curtains, one white chandelier, one red chandelier). Any idea who the manufacturer was? I’d love to buy some.

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