Jazz on 34th Street

We went to this Jazz event, “Jazz on 34th Street” – a tribute to legendary jazz pianist and composer Thelonious Monk at The Grand Ballroom Manhattan Center over the weekend and it was a great show. We both like Monk, his jazz is very distinct and you might first think “is it off?!” but that’s his style and he is absolutely a genius incredible pianist and a composer. The way he played his piano shows how genius he was. It was also his 90th birthday event and his son, T.S. Monk, Ben Riley and the host of the event, Bill Cosby were each talking about him and their memories with him and the event was filled with love and his great music.

Pretty ceiling – the place was more than 100 years old.


2 thoughts on “Jazz on 34th Street

  1. OMG! i wish i was there. I love thelonious and play it for my daughter. oh and I also love cosby! It looked magical!

  2. Cheryln! Ohh, Olive listens to Monk already?! That’s awesome! Cosby’s assistant told him that he couldn’t find “TheLoneliest Monk” when Cosby asked to look for monk’s album! It was funny.

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