More Tenugui Patterns

As I posted here and here before, I keep getting drawn to the beautiful patterns of the Japanese Tenugui… and last trip was no exception. I found lots of great patterns (and bought a few!), I couldn’t take pictures of all of them, but one store I went in in Yokohama, they had tons so I snapped pictures to take home since I couldn’t buy them all… (I will if I could! :))


Tenugui Patterns

Good morning. I hope you all had a nice Labor day weekend here in US… I was unfortunately a bit under the weather so I couldn’t do much, but rest and work on our new apartment… we switched the rooms! When everything is settled, I’d love to share my new office space so stay tuned…

This morning, I am inspired by these beautiful tenugui patterns. Aren’t they just so cute? Fall is here (hello! I missed you all year!) and these are perfect fall patterns, I want them all :)



*Images are from Tortoise General Store.

I wrote about tenugui patterns from Japan before, but I also found the pattern chart by month here if you are interested seeing more.