Last Sunday the 13th was the last day of the ©MURAKAMI exhibition at Brooklyn Museum and we finally made it there! We were there for the opening night, couldn’t get in, we came by one day, it was closing already, so this was our 3rd try.

and of course, everyone waited until the last day, there was a long line:


(I saw Jillian from Project Runway season 4 leaving the museum!)

In the lobby (click to see a larger view)


DOB balloon also in the lobby:


It was very interesting to learn about the artist and the concept behind his work.


The exhibition was huge, 2 floors, filled with his paintings, sculptures, merchandise, walls of his work, rooms of his work…. it was amazing!



There was a special Lui Vuitton store in the middle of the exhibition!

I loved the army pattern – they had a bag made out of this! I couldn’t even ask how much it’d cost, though.


…and security started stopping people photographing so this is it, but wow, it was a great exhibition, I enjoyed it so much.