LOVE Wood Type Blocks

LOVE these wood type blocks! From Vintage Marvels. It’ll look awesome when you print, too, makes me excited!

Happy Friday with Love <3 :) xo Hijiri

Costom Print: Jack & Deanne

I printed this a while ago for Jack & Deanne who got married on June 5th this year — they wanted a memorable piece with the lace heart for their wedding and also for the keepsake, I was so happy to be able to create a custom print for them — and it came out so great!

Wood type set and adjusting placement and impression…

Always make sure with the compute mock up for spelling, placement etc.

It’s ready for inking — their wedding colors were red and pink — pink ink here for the names and the dates:

Now, printing the lace heart… (I could print this first, but due to the ink on the press, this way made sense at that time. Being flexible is a big part of letterpress printing, I think!)

and here is the finished print:

Congratulations, Jack and Deanne!!

Live What You Love 11th Edition

Happy Friday and Happy July! The summer is full swing, hope you have some fun plans this 4th of July weekend… :)

Live What You Love 11th edition is all printed and available! Some new colors, some familiar colors… but overall, I was inspired by the summer. Here are some photos from the studio while I was printing them… took me few weeks.

and here are the finished products!

Live What You Love Yellow Green:

Live What You Love Yellow Green

Live What You Love Hunter Green:

Live What You Love Hunter GreenLive What You Love Light Blue:

Live What You Love Light BlueLive What You Love Blue:

Live What You Love BlueLive What You Love Grape:

Live What You Love GrapeAnd don’t forget the popular colors such as pink, yellow, light grey, black and red… they are all back in stock!

Which one is your favorite? :)

Sneak Peek…

Live What You Love 11th edition sneak peek… Available really soon! Light Grey is back in stock now!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend :)