Today’s Bridge 1.29.17

Saw the Brooklyn Bridge for a little bit last night, it’s always a treat…

Found Art: Heart Display 

Found this huge heart display at this shop called Exit 9 Gift Emporium on Smith street, Brooklyn. It’s made with fabric and silver tubes, caught my eye.


When it's already hump day 🙌🏼 (Image: @elizabeth.swain, via @ihavethisthingwithfloors)

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Caught my eye… Wednesday here we come.

Live Calligraphy Performance 

We went to the Brooklyn Japanese New Year festival this week and saw a live calligraphy performance by Taisan Tanaka. I took a video of his awesome performance, but for some reasons, I couldn’t upload the video here… so it’s just some screenshots, but hopefully you get to see the dynamic performance.