Children’s Day 2013


May 5th is a Children’s Day in Japan. This year, at Mili’s home school and playgroup, Mili made a Koinobori (above) and I helped her make a kabuto (the traditional Japanese military helmet) with a newspaper (below). I used to make these when I was little at school, it’s really awesome to get to do this all over again with my own kid now! Happy Children’s Day, Mili!


(She didn’t like wearing the kabuto… haha)

Thinking of Japan…


Today is March 11th, 2 years since the big earthquake in Japan… I couldn’t help but thinking about my country and send all my thoughts and prayers… I got this blanket for Mili’s 1st birthday last year from Think of Japan While Knitting project. Every time I see this blanket, I think of Japan and the thoughts that put into this blanket. I can’t wait to explain where this came from when Mili is older, too.


If you are interested in their project, please visit their facebook page and/or Etsy page where you can purchase some of the beautiful products and all the proceed goes to Ashinaga Ikueikai (NPO).


Happy Girls’ Day!


It’s March 3rd and it’s Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival) day! Mili and I made a couple sets of hina dolls this year so just wanted to share :) Even though I did put these together mostly, Mili participated with crayons and she had fun! All these scrabbles you see, it’s her work :)

It’s fairly easy to make, great crafts with kids.



Happy Girls’ Day!! xo Hijiri

Tenugui Book Covers

Tenugui books

I also saw something cool while I was at Kinokuniya — these special edition of 15 books with tenugui pattern covers! Too cute!